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Important: Read This Before Attempting The Free Tests.

The questions in our free online tests are extracted from the official DMV exams. You can use our free online tests to evaluate how likely you are to pass the actual DMV exam. These tests are a great way to study for permits, licenses and license renewals for car, motorcycle and CDL vehicle categories. Or you can cut to the chase by upgrading to premium membership to unlock the DMV Masterclass home study guide that will adequately prepare to pass the DMV test without having to spend days reading the official DMV handbooks. Click Here for total success on your DMV written test.

It is recommended that you study each test as often and as many times as you can until you write the exam, even if you are able to answer all questions correctly.

DMV Practice Tests

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The DMV Masterclass Advantage

The DMV Permit Test is a very tricky test to pass. This is why most people fail at least 2 or 3 times before finally passing, even after reading the official DMV handbooks. There are some people who can’t get it right even after writing the exam 5 times. There is speculation that the tests are designed that way to make people fail so they can read the DMV handbooks several times over in order for them to become better and more responsible drivers.

Upgrading to premium membership unlocks official DMV tests on our site. These are tests with questions in the exact combinations as the official DMV exam. Therefore practicing these tests is as good as having a go at the actual test. You will also receive the DMV Masterclass cheat sheet with a summary of all the actual questions and answers you’re likely going to face in your exam. Another great feature of premium membership is the revision bucket application which keeps a history of all the tests you attempted, your scores and all the questions for which your answers were wrong. This substantially reduces your study time because it gives you the opportunity to focus your attention only on the questions you answered incorrectly. Premium membership is designed to help you get it right on your first shot while also teaching you how to be a better and safe driver. It is therefore recommended that you upgrade to premium membership and use the DMV Masterclass, official and free tests hand in hand to pass the test on first attempt.

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July 21, 2024

Honestly have searched different sites and this by FAR THE BEST!!

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July 18, 2024

Your cheatsheets helped my pass. Thanks a million.

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July 17, 2024

I am so happy I found this, thank you so much!!!

Product: Cheat Sheets

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July 17, 2024

This will really help me a lot because I failed my first DMV written test.

Sibongile Mboweni
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July 16, 2024

Very useful.Will recommend for anyone! Makes easy for immigrants to fastly catch up. I pass my test easily.