Is it legal to teach others to drive?

YES! Provided you are a responsible adult with a full driver’s license and you feel confident about teaching,  you are allowed to teach others to drive! Our website receives thousands of visitors daily looking for people who can teach them how to drive or help them perfect their driving skills. If you have a car and a valid driver’s license you can earn money offering private driving lessons.

Why Should You offer Private Driving Lessons?

For starters, it’s great way to earn good money. And besides the fact that you get to sit all day,  there is always demand for driving lessons in every state and county where there are cars. And with teenagers hitting the legal age requirement every day (a teenager somewhere just turned 16. And another one, and another…), there’s no end in sight. You could be as busy as the proverbial beaver, or as lazy as the proverbial sloth. It’s your choice. But when you do want to earn some decent income, simply sign up and people will undoubtedly lineup for your services. Getting a driver’s license is seen as a rite of passage into adulthood for teenagers, and they can’t wait to get one and start begging mom and dad to borrow the car.


Driving Instructor Jobs Near Me

Are you looking for driver instructor jobs? There is no shortage of learner drivers who want to learn how to drive or just simply to perfect their driving skills. Before a behind the wheel DMV test, learner drivers under the age of 18 are required to have at least 6hrs of supervised practice. Find learner drivers today!

How It Works

Create Profile

Create Your Profile

Take time in building an engaging profile that shows off your skills, experience and any highlights that would make prospective learner drivers want to hire you. We advise that you showcase the advantages that your services have to offer and fully explain what the student driver should expect.

Driving Instructor Jobs Near Me
Receive Requests

Once you complete your profile, learning requests submitted by student drivers in your area will be posted on your profile and you’ll receive an email notification advising you to go to your account and view the learning request. You can either pass the offer to other members or submit your quotation.

Student Driver
Interact With Student

You can interact with prospective learner drivers through our built in messaging system. If a prospective students likes your offers then the student will hire you and fund the learning request. The funds are held in an Escrow account until the student releases the funds to you after services are rendered.

Driving Instructor Jobs Near Me
Get Paid

After the student completes the driving lessons as per agreement, the student will be required to release the funds. You will then receive an email notification that your student has released your payment. You will then be required to go to your account’s settings menu to withdraw funds to your linked account.

Why Teach Through Ace Your DMV Test?

Aceyourdmvtest.com receives thousands of students drivers looking for DMV study material on a daily basis. It’s these same students who later go on to look for driving instructors after acquiring their DMV permits. As such, there is no shortage of clients looking for driving lessons on this portal. Learner drivers who submit learning requests on this portal also pay for their driving lessons in full and in advance so you will receive your payment after you complete providing the driving lessons. There is also no waiting period for payouts because your money is available for withdrawal to your account immediately after your student releases the payment. You will also enjoy being your own boss, setting your own prices, availability, and teaching styles provided they conform to DMV rules and regulations.

The AceYourDMVTest.com Advantage

Whether it’s someone who wants to practice for a DMV driving test or someone just looking to perfect their driving skills, we have a lot of such visitors to our site. In other words, we have an abundant market for your services. So how do we ensure that every service provider gets hired? Well that’s easy. We invested in developing a smart algorithm which manages the way learning requests are distributed among service providers. It sifts through the members database and job offer statistics. For example, a member who just got hired in a particular area is pushed to the bottom of the priority list and will only receive new offers after every service provider in that area has been hired. So if it happens that only one service provider in a particular area is yet to be hired, the all learning requests are offered to that service provider only. The algorithm also detects members’ activity and will ignore members who don’t respond to quotes or those who have not logged into their account in a while. As such, a learning request that is sent to particular service providers who do not respond within a certain time frame will be passed to other service providers. At Aceyourdmvtest.com, everyone gets to win. That’s how all service providers on our portal get hired.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Becoming a member of our growing team of service providers at aceyourdmvtest.com is a very simple process. All you need to do is register and create a profile. When your profile is 100% complete, you will start receiving learning requests from learner drivers in your area.

How will new students find me?

Learning requests submitted by student drivers in your area will be posted on your profile and you’ll receive an email notification advising you to go to your account and view the learning requests. You can either opt to pass the request or submit a quotation.

What happens when I get hired?

The hiring process involves a learner driver accepting your quotation and funding the learning request. Once you have been hired, it will be your responsibility to provide the driving lessons to your student. Schedule the lessons with and provide service.

Will I definitely get hired?

We have a smart algorithm which posts offers to no more than 3 service providers in a particular area at a time. The algorithm also prioritizes service providers who have not yet been hired. You will certainly get hired provided your quotations are reasonably priced.

How do I get paid?

You’ll need to add add your bank account info on your profile. After providing the lessons your student will release the funds and you will receive an email notification that you have funds available for withdrawal. Withdrawn funds are paid out to your bank account.

What if I never get paid?

If you have provided the service and your student does not release the funds from the Escrow account, you can initiate a dispute through your profile. If the student does not respond to the dispute within 10 days, the funds are automatically paid out to your account.

Do I pay to send quotations?

You will not pay any fees to send quotations so you’ll be able to send unlimited quotes for a lifetime. Sending messages to prospective students through our built-in messaging system is also free of charge. However, we’ll retain 7% of the payout.

Can I have more than 1 student?

You can have as many students as your schedule allows and provided you can render services without inconveniencing any student. If a student files a dispute against you for failing to provide lessons, your account will be limited until you clear your backlog.


Driving Instructor Jobs Near Me

User Reviews
Cody Edwards
Product: Private Lessons

Verified purchase

July 17, 2024

I have not received a single student and I've been here a little more than a month now. But I can understand because I live in a very tiny town with a population of a little over 3000 people. I will be relocating to Minnesota next week I sure hope my fortunes change because I'm really down and out.

Natasha C
Product: Private Lessons

Verified purchase

July 15, 2024

The registration process was very simple and staff were very helpful in helping add my bank account info and initiating my first payout. Great experience.

Harry White Jr
Product: Private Lessons

Verified purchase

July 07, 2024

This really is a great way to make money part time or full time and it works.

Marty Allen
Product: Private Lessons

Verified purchase

July 05, 2024

Hello good people. Your services have given me my only source of income and it's enough to comfortably get me through the month so far. Kudos and love.

Ralph K
Product: Private Lessons

Verified purchase

June 21, 2024

This is really a great way to earn some buck. The birth of the internet is truly one of the best things to have happened in our lifetime.