Tennessee DMV CDL General Knowledge Quick Practice Test 1 For 2022

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Quick Facts:

Number of Questions – 20

Passing Percentage – 80%

Test Type – Free Test

1. When you double your speed from 20 to 40 mph, your vehicle's braking distance will become ____ times longer.

2. A ramp's posted speed limit:

3. After a tire has been changed, the driver should stop after a short distance to:

4. What should be used to check for proper tire inflation?

5. An Individual Vehicle Distance Record (IVDR) does not need to include which of the following?

6. Scan the road ____ ahead of your vehicle.

7. Overloading a vehicle with cargo can affect all of the following, except:

8. If a person fails a written test, how long is the waiting period before the test may be taken again?