Florida DMV CDL General Knowledge Quick Practice Test 1 For 2023

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Quick Facts:

Number of Questions – 20

Passing Percentage – 80%

Test Type – Free Test

1. When driving at highway speeds, you should watch the road about ____ ahead of your vehicle.

2. An item that is 40 feet long placed on a flatbed trailer should be secured by at least ____ tie-down(s).

3. Which of the following is not a way to reduce driving distractions?

4. Most CDL holders have ____ licenses.

5. During a vehicle inspection, ensure that lug nuts are all of the following, except:

6. If your tractor is equipped with ABS but your trailer is not, the ABS:

7. Maintaining a cushion of space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead is:

8. As part of the vehicle inspection test, a CDL applicant may be asked to: